How Much Does It Cost To Install
A Chain-Link Fence In Everett?



Cost To Install A Chain-Link Fence In Everett

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The price tag of installing a chain link fence ranges from $1,241 to $5,194, with an average price of $3,218.

Chain link fences are usually pretty plain looking. They’re not the prettiest type of fencing, but they get the job done. Cost is one of the main reasons why homeowners nationwide usually pay between $1,241 and $5,194 to install a standard chain-link fence, bringing the total expense to approximately $3,218.

The majority of fencing companies charge by the linear foot, with chain-link fencing costing around $23 per linear foot on average. Your rate could range from $12 to $33 per linear foot, depending on the height of the fence, the gauge of the chain-link mesh, and other project-specific considerations.


How Much Does Chain-Link Fencing Cost In Everett?

  • National average cost: $3,220
  • Typical price range: $1,250 – $5,200
  • Extreme low end: $790
  • Extreme high end: $6,940


Even though chain link fences seem awfully simple, they are actually a little more complicated than they may appear at first glance. The height and size of your fence, the type of wood used, and the quality of the material all affect the total cost of a chain-link fence. The cost can run anywhere between $790 to $6,950.

A typical chain link fence runs $3,220 on average. The low end of that range may be as low as $1,250 or the high end as high as $5,200. If you’re budgeting for a chain-link fence, keep in mind that the high-end and low-end numbers might be different from the national averages.

Cost Estimator By Size

Naturally, the more chain link fence you require, the more you will have to pay. Remember that most contractors charge an average of $22 per linear foot for chain-link fencing when estimating your project budget. By multiplying the number of linear feet of fence you require by 22, you may predict the entire cost of your project.

If your chain-link fence installation is a little more involved than the standard, such as on a slope, or if you want a tall commercial-grade security fence, you may choose to calculate your estimate at the higher end cost of $34 per linear foot. If you only require a basic and simple fence, however, the lower end fee of $13 per linear foot can be considered.

Using the national average rate, a small rear or front yard of 500 square feet would cost around $1,587 to the fence, a mid-sized yard of 2,000 square feet would cost around $3,105, and a 3,500 square foot yard would cost around $4,140.


Other Factors That Affect Fencing Cost In Everett

Some chain-link fences are more durable due to stronger wire, while others give better security due to their height, and yet others come with superior protective coatings to keep the metal from rusting. For expert installation, all of these different varieties of chain-link have varying price ranges.

The size of your fencing area, as well as the characteristics of your unique fence and certain environmental elements on your land, can have an impact on the final cost of your project.


Fence Height

Chain-link mesh (also known as chain-link fabric) and the metal frames that support it exist in a variety of sizes for various uses. In a normal front yard or backyard, most pet containment fences are 4 feet high and cost $10 to $20 per linear foot.

A chain-link fence will cost more if it is higher, as you might anticipate. So, at $15 to $30 per linear foot, a commercial-grade 10-foot chain-link fence is the most expensive choice in terms of height.


(Includes materials and labor)

4 feet

$10 – $20 per linear foot

6 feet

$12 – $25 per linear foot

8 feet

$14 – $28 per linear foot

10 feet

$15 – $30 per linear foot


Coating For Fence

The simplest galvanized steel chain-link fence is the most economical way to add security to your property. The price per foot ranges from about $9 to $16. This type of fence is very low maintenance, and it lasts a long time.

Chain-link fence systems are made of thin wire, so the thicker the coating on it, the better. The best ones offer a combination of protection and affordability. Chain-link fences that are coated with aluminum or vinyl are the most expensive than galvanized steel and can run around $10 to $20 per linear foot.


* includes materials and professional labor costs

Galvanized steel

$11 – $18 per linear foot


$12 – $19 per linear foot


$14 – $21 per linear foot


Fence Gauge 

Gauge measures the thickness of a chain-link fence’s wire. A lower gauge means thicker wire and a sturdier fence, so naturally, it also means a higher cost. A relatively thin 10-gauge fence costs about $12 to $19 per linear foot, while a thick 6-gauge fence runs higher on average, at $15 to $22 per linear foot

Gauge is a measurement of the thickness of a fence’s wire. The thinner the gauge, the stronger the wire. As a result, a thinner wire will make a more sturdy fence. 10 gauge is the most common for residential fences, which run between $12 and $19 per linear foot. While a thick 6-gauge fence costs between $15 and $22 per linear foot.


* includes materials and professional labor costs


$12 – $19 per linear foot


$13 – $20 per linear foot


$17 – $24 per linear foot

* Indicates required field

Post material 

When building a chain-link fence, most people will use plain metal posts as they are the cheapest option. However, for a unique look, you can replace the metal post with a wooden one.

Because there are so many distinct types of each material, posts of all sizes, and changing timber costs around the country, it’s difficult to establish an exact price range for metal vs. wood posts. Wood posts will almost always cost more than metal posts as a general rule. 


Privacy slats

Chain-link fences give no privacy on their own due to their mesh design. Installing privacy panels, which are available in a variety of shapes and colors to suit various home and yard themes, is a simple way to enhance privacy.

For an additional cost of $2,50 to $3,50 per linear foot, your fencing contractor can install privacy panels along with your chain-link fence, or you can purchase your own panels for around $50 per box and place them after your fence is finished. Learn more about how much it costs to install a privacy fence.


Fence Gates

The cost of chain-link fence gates varies according to the style and size of the gate. Taller gates are more expensive than shorter ones, just as taller rolls of chain-link fabric are more expensive than shorter ones.

Cost is also affected by how a gate operates. You should expect to pay between $96 and $460 for a typical swing gate. The cost of a larger commercial-style movable gate that is suitable for driveways ranges from $510 to $1,810. Learn more about fence gate installation here


Fence Building Permits

If you want a customized security fence that is taller than 6 feet, you may need to obtain one or more building permits in Everett county. It depends on where you live if you need a permit and how much it costs. Permits might add anywhere from $22 to $420 to the total cost of a chain-link fence installation.


The Slope of Land

If you’re adding fencing to your yard, an incline may affect the cost of doing so. While the overall cost of fencing may not change, it can increase the cost if you need to add materials or hire someone else to put up the fence.

If your contractor needs to study the terrain on your property in order to place your fence, the cost could range from $110 to $3,410.


Extra Services In Everett

Chain-link fences are low-maintenance, which is one of its biggest advantages. They require far less maintenance than, say, a wood fence that requires painting or staining on a regular basis.

However, you may need to pay for certain extra services upfront while installing your fence, particularly if there are obstructions to be removed.


Tree, Bush, or Stump Removal Services In Everett

If you hire a general landscaping contractor to install your fence, they may be able to remove any existing tree, bush, or stump obstacles that are in the way. Alternatively, you may have to hire a separate tree service to get rid of these before you can erect your chain-link fence. Either way, the added cost would be about the same. 

In order to build your own fence with a solid foundation, you’ll need to take care of anything that may be in the way first. A professional landscaper can help you get rid of all the roots, stumps, trees, and other obstructions that you need to get started on your fencing project. Alternately, you could hire a separate tree service to remove those unwanted trees as well. The extra cost would be the same either way.

Added cost:
$390 to $1,080 per tree.
$76 to $126 per bush.
$176 to $517 per stump.

chain link fence tree

Fence Replacement 

If you are looking to build a new fence, you’ll need to decide whether you want to do it yourself or hire a contractor to help. Either way, you will be charged for the fence removal service based on how much fence you’ve got to take down.

Fence to be removed added cost: $3,50  to $5,50 per linear foot.


Cost of Installing A Chain-Link Fence DIY

Although this process of the chain-link fence installation procedure may appear daunting, it is actually rather straightforward. There are a lot of small pieces and details to pay attention to, but erecting a chain-link fence doesn’t require much building experience. The rest of the labor is essentially the same as putting together large LEGOs as long as you can place the end and corner posts with a little concrete. 


Equipment Needed

The tools you’ll need to build a chain-link fence are quite basic, and you might already have them (especially if you’re a regular DIYer). If you don’t already have the required tools and other equipment, we’ve looked into the typical cost of new products from Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Amazon.




Spray paint


Work gloves


Mason’s line


Rubber mallet


Protective safety glasses


Ground stakes

$17 / 4 stakes



Socket wrench set


Pipe cutter


Post hole digger


Come-along cable puller hand winch




DIY Cost Vs. Professional Installation Cost In Everett

To build a chain-link fence by yourself, you can anticipate spending $1,953 on equipment and fencing supplies.

While the task is simple, it does require multiple steps and close attention to detail. Expect to work for the entire weekend, and you might benefit from having a second pair of hands to assist you.

With a little more money, you could spare yourself the bother and hire a professional fence contractor to build your fence for you. A contractor would charge about $2,150 to build a 4-foot high, 150 linear foot long fence.

In any case, chain-link fencing is a low-cost option when compared to other types of fencing. You can either build one yourself or hire a professional to save money and time.


Cost of Installing A Chain-Link Fence By Location

While there aren’t many regional factors that influence chain-link prices, they can still differ considerably depending on where you live. 

You can use these example rates from across the country to estimate how much a chain-link fence might cost in your location.



A chain-link fence may be an affordable option if you need a fence for practical reasons (to keep children and animals out of your yard) rather than cosmetic reasons. For approximately $1,250 to $5,200, you may hire a skilled fencing contractor to install chain-link fencing or spend a weekend do-it-yourself for around $1,950 and above.

In either case, the size, height, and location of your fence can considerably affect the price. However, keep in mind that these are national averages, so don’t be shocked if the price of your chain-link fencing installation varies.

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