How Much It Costs To Remove A Fence
In Everett?



Fence Removal Cost In Everett

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A fence might start to degrade and wither over time.

While fences can provide a secure atmosphere, a damaged or decaying fence can be dangerous.

A fence that is broken or worn out must be removed if you want to install a new one, whether it is due to weather conditions or age.

If you don’t want to replace it, the existing one can be taken down to remove the unattractive appearance. 

Learn how to protect your fence against the weather.

Fence Removal Average Cost In Everett

The typical cost of fence removal in the United States is $600-$800, including debris removal, however it can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars in some circumstances.

In general, the cost of removing a fence ranges from $5 to $20 per square foot.

The cost of fence removal, however, varies.

Here are some real-life cases of how much people have paid to have their fences removed across the country.


Fence Removal Cost Examples



Project Description

Project Cost



Removal of 150 ft long wood fence




Removal of 200 ft long cedar fence




Removal of 100 ft long wood fence



Des Moines 

Removal of 50 ft long wood fence with concrete footings




Removal of 40 ft long wood fence



Grosse Pointe Farms

Removal of 60 ft long wood privacy fence




Removal of 30 ft long rotting wood fence



Factors That Affect Fence Removal Pricing In Everett.

The cost of fence removal is determined by the following factors:

  • The fence’s height and length.
  • The fence’s position and convenience.
  • The fence materials that are being removed.
  • Whether the fence’s footings are made of cement.
  • The job’s operator.


If you’re having your fence replaced rather than just removed, the cost of fence removal will almost certainly be factored into the overall price.

Similarly, the length and height of the new fence, the number of posts required, and the fencing materials you choose will all influence the cost of your project.

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How to Find the Right Fence Removal Contractor In Everett?

While it may be easy to tear down your fence yourself, we urge that you hire a professional to do it.

Almost always, this is the safest, quickest, and most practical solution.

In a matter of hours, a professional can uninstall your fence, transport away the debris, and will either leave you with a clean space or build a new fence.

To guarantee you chose the right specialist for your fence removal project without overpaying, we recommend receiving at least three quotations from various companies.

The local community makes it simple to identify local contractors, read customer reviews, and obtain quotations from as many as you’d like.

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