How Much Does It Cost To Install A Fence Gate In Everett?

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Cost to Install A Fence Gate in 2022

There are several viable alternatives if you want to add a gate to your fence or replace an old one. A fence gate is a fantastic strategy to enhance security to your property while also increasing its value. It also allows you to enter and exit your yard more easily while protecting your children and pets safely inside.

Below, we’ll go over the cost of installing a gate in more depth.


How Much Does A Fence Gate Cost In Everett?

Your fence gate can adapt to match your current fence, or if you have a stone or stucco surround, you can select the material that best suits your existing exterior.

Some people like a stone fence with a wrought iron gate because they both appear robust and impenetrable. Vinyl or composite gate in a comparable or contrasting color, on the other hand, looks great. There are a variety of composite and vinyl styles to pick from, so ask your local building supply store for suggestions.

The cost of installing a fence gate varies depending on the style, but most individuals spend around $400.

If you choose a DIY project, the first 2 things you should do are consult with the home inspector to see whether you must have a permit, and contact the utility company to see if digging is allowed. Just because you have a fence in place doesn’t imply the utility company hasn’t installed a line or pipe nearby.


Cost to Install A Garden Gate In Everett

A 3 or 4-foot-wide walk-through or garden gate is popular. Because a wheelbarrow barely fits through a 36′′ gate, we recommend 4. Gates come in a variety of materials and styles, but they typically cost between $210 and $610 to install.

Exotic hardwoods, iron, and aluminum are at the higher price range, whereas common woods or vinyl are towards the lower price range.

It’s also viable to install two gates to create a double-entry mechanism. When estimating how much material you’ll need, the same guidelines are applicable, except a double gate will require 2, 3, or 4 of everything, depending on whether you’ll connect sections together or have two independent gates.

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Fence Gate Hinges & Hardware

Handles, latches, locks, and other hardware will be required in addition to hinges. For driveway gates, you might want to consider installing automatic openers or remote entrances. Strap hinges that fit the style of your home are a great choice for Tudor and Victorian homes.

Keep in mind that hinges and hardware can be very expensive. Heavy durable designed hinges, for instance, might cost up to $370.


Cost to Install a Chain-Link Fence Gate In Everett

Chain link gates are a good alternative since they are frequently the most low-cost method due to low material and labor expenses. Depending on the height, chain link gauge, and dimensions, a fence gate for a chain-link fence can run somewhere between $160 to $410.

When placing a fence gate in an existing chain-link fence, keep in mind that completing the fence where you’ll put the gate may be tricky. To re-tighten the fence before finishing it at the gate, you’ll need a fence extender, which you can generally rent.


Cost to Install A Vinyl Fence Gate In Everett

Vinyl gates are generally designed to blend in with a vinyl fence system and are a wonderful option for a vinyl fence. A vinyl gate can cost anywhere from $310 to $1,510, depending on the product.


Cost to Install A Driveway Gate In Everett

Depending on whether you want a single or double vehicle entrance, a driveway gate could be 10 to 24 feet wide. For driveway gates, swinging and sliding gates are popular types.

Because they take up less space, swinging gates are by far the most cost-effective and widely utilized in residential applications. A driveway gate costs approximately from $1,410 to $3,210, though adding automatic or remote control operation might raise the price.

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Custom vs. Prepackaged Gates In Everett

If you can identify the fence gate that matches your style, the easiest approach for the DIY project is to buy a fence gate already assembled. If you’re making purchases from a local store, specify the size and style of gate you desire.

Preassembled iron, vinyl, and chain-link gates are the most common, but gate components for wood and other materials are also available.

Custom-built fence gates will add to the project’s labor time and expense, but they will allow for a unique design and ideal match.


Estimating The Cost of Gate Material

The price of installing a fence gate varies significantly based on the materials used and the amount of labor required. Obviously, hiring a project builder will be more expensive than doing the work yourself. High-quality materials, which are naturally more expensive, are another significant expense. Make sure you leave room for human error by including some additional material.

Even if you’re on a limited budget, you may still get a high-quality fence gate installed. It could mean going with less expensive hardware or DIY rather than getting someone to do it. If you choose this route, you must be aware of your capabilities. Read more here to learn how much it costs to fence a yard.


Hiring A Contractor In Everett

Many general contractors and women calculate the cost of materials and then charge you that amount for labor, vary according to the size of the project. Others, on the other hand, will charge by per hour, and installing a garden gate may take 2 laborers a full day.

As a result, installing a driveway gate could take several hours and cost 2 or 3 times as much as installing a garden gate.

If you decide to hire, acquire at least 2 or 3 quotes. With the knowledge you’ve learned from this article, you should be able to determine which service provides the most value.

All pricing on this article is based on industry averages and may vary depending on project-specific materials, labor rates, and requirements.

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