How Much Value Does The Fence Add
To Your Property In Everett?



The Value Of A Fence To Your Home In Everett


Privacy, security, and aesthetics are probably the most common reasons why homeowners install a fence.

You probably didn’t realize it, but you could benefit your home even more by designing an attractive and functional fence around your property. This will give the house a better look and can also add to its resale value.

Although it can be hard to resist the urge to get a new fence, sometimes there is a reason it might not be the best choice. This can often be caused by a fence’s size and placement on the property. Some fences can increase the home’s property value.

With that said, there are a few things to consider when looking for the perfect fence. Installing a fence might be a wonderful alternative if you’re searching for a low-cost home improvement project to increase the value of your house. Its design, efficiency, and practicality will determine how much it increases the overall value of your home.

Protecting Yourself & Your Home In Everett, WA

A fence’s primary purpose is to provide privacy and security. It draws a line between your property and someone else’s, indicating where yours ends and theirs begins. Even if it’s merely a low-sitting picket fence, fences provide buyers with a sense of security. Trespassing is prevented because the fence sends a clear message that anything beyond the barrier is private property.

Fences are often used as a backdrop for a No Trespassing sign to inform people who wander onto your property that they are trespassing.

Fences are great, and they’re even better if they’re in the suburbs. With neighbors who are likely to be families with children and the safety that comes with them, fences are a big boost to your home’s selling potential.

Parents will pay a high price for a fence surrounding their property, whether it’s to keep their children from going out onto the street or to provide comfort as they play in the yard.

Buyers with pets will benefit from a fence for the same reasons since their dogs will be less likely to stray away or be in danger from people passing. Most families’ only option for a safe play space for their children in more urban locations is to have a fenced front yard and backyard.


Aesthetics & Curb Appeal

A beautiful white picket fence can change the appearance of a house. It can bring a space together. Who wouldn’t love a house that looks like it has a little something extra?

Particularly when it comes to corner homes, fences can be beautiful and friendly structures that evoke a “Come on in!” sentiment more than a “Stay out” one.

Furthermore, a property with strong curb appeal is a great method to attract more buyers and improve a buyer’s overall immediate impression of a home. Furthermore, posting that “For Sale” sign next to a lovely fence in a well-kept front yard will attract more potential buyers. In the end, a lovely fence usually improves the number of potential purchasers.

The value of a house is heavily influenced by its physical appearance. In fact, according to the American Society of Landscape Architects, landscaping (which includes fencing) can improve the value of a home by over 20%.

A well-maintained fence might add $40,000 to the sale price of a home valued at $200,000 (the median home price in the United States, according to Zillow). The national average cost of fence installation, according to HomeAdvisor, is around $2700, which represents a significant return on investment (ROI) for you as a seller.

This general guideline, of course, doesn’t apply to all forms of fencing. Chain link fencing isn’t known for its curb appeal, and it’s more likely to give a property a “fixer-upper” impression than anything else.

While chain link fencing is ideal for large backyards with lots of areas where you need to define boundaries, it’s not the best choice for curb appeal. If a great fence is out of your price range, it may be preferable to have no fence than a low-quality one.

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Other Considerations

The classic, the traditional picket fence is a great look, and they’re easy to install. But, there are other fences out there that can make your home more unique.

You don’t have to go out and spend a lot of money on fences if you can easily find a fence that works for your budget. Wooden fences are durable, attractive, and can be stained to match the look of your home.

If you’re thinking about selling a luxury home in the future and considering a fence, vinyl fencing is the go-to. Not only is it practically maintenance-free, with only the up-front installation costs to worry about, but it gives off a sleek and clean look. There are various kinds of fence materials such as wood, vinyl, and others that can be found at most stores. Make sure you choose the right kind of fencing for your needs.

For the homeowner that still wants to establish space, live fencing featuring trees, shrubs, and bushes is a must. The privacy benefits of hedges can’t be overstated, but they do require maintenance.

If you love gardening, then why not go with a Live fencing solution? There are several reasons to do so, but the biggest is cost. It may also be beneficial to avoid those lawn-mowing duties.

Live fencing has the added functionality of shade provision as well. While this may not be the most logical option in drought-prone areas, it’s certainly a low-cost investment with a high payoff. Read more to learn how much it costs to install wood fence in Everett.


Do I Need a Fence At All in Everett Area?

Fencing is a great feature to have on your property. It adds privacy, protection, and security to your home. The key is to know what type of fence is best for your home. The real estate agent or fencing expert can help guide you to the type of fence that works best for your home.

When determining the market value of a home, it’s important to know what features your own home has that other homes don’t. When compared to neighboring properties, your home may be worth more or less than its real estate price depending on the features it has.

If your neighbors are used to seeing fences around their property, they may be shocked by the addition of a new fence that blocks a view of their backyard or garden. They may even be annoyed that you’ve chosen a spot to put the fence that doesn’t fit in with existing fences. You might think twice about getting a fence after finding out that it’ll cost you a bit more than you’d originally planned.

Fencing for higher-end properties, according to HGTV Appraisal Expert Leslie Sellers, may not be a good idea. A fence may not make much of a difference in high-end residences, where the selling price is likely to be at its peak and could interfere with the beauty of the home itself. That is unless there is a strong need for it, such as increased residents or noise pollution.

If you want to save money while still increasing the appeal of your home in Everett,, a partial fence is a good alternative. Installing a fence in the backyard just provides you with privacy from your neighbors without the hassle of maintaining an all-around fence.

It can also restrict wildlife from accessing your property if you reside in a rural area. Fencing can be used to establish a clear property line and exaggerate the size of a property’s area for homeowners with huge backyards. A fence that looks too far away provides the sense of enormous personal space more than no border at all, which produces more uncertainty than anything else.

The key to a profitable fencing business involves using fencing to establish boundaries and create appeal as well as offering potential buyers the best possible price. If done correctly, fencing can become an attractive profession.

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