Best Types Of Lumber For Wood Fences In Everett

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Most Common Lumber Types In Everett

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If you’re building a wooden fence for yourself, the first thing you should do is decide what type of material you want to use to build your fence.

It is important to note that certain types of lumber are typically used for this type of project. In order to make sure you’re getting what you want and need, there are a few things to consider.


Things To Consider Before Purchasing Fencing Lumber In Everett

For wood fencing, not just any lumber will suffice. You must consider your surroundings, your budget, the aesthetic, and the amount of lumber required.


The Climate

As you build your home, make sure to choose the wood that will last through all elements of your environment in Everett. Select a fencing material that will resist the elements of your environment such as rain, snow, heat, and the sun. Learn how to protect your fence from rain & sun

For instance, that get cold and dry are more likely to develop mildew, mold, and decay. In fact, places that experience winter weather should expect moisture damage from rain and snow, as well as cracks in the ground due to extreme temperature swings.

It is very important to apply a sealant to the outside of any fence. This helps prevent moisture and extreme heat from damaging it. Additionally, sealants also help protect the color of the wood longer.

Keep the fencing in good condition by washing and dusting it frequently. Also, clean and reseal the fence every other year. It will help to maintain its appearance and protect it from the elements.

The Budget

If you’re planning to stay in your home for a long time in Everett and are interested in buying a wooden fence, you should consider how much of an investment it will be.

The real question becomes – do you want to have to buy a new fence in the next 10 years, 20 years, or more?

Durable wood is more expensive initially, but if it can endure for more than 30 years with less maintenance, the investment is profitable in the long run. If this is a long-term investment, don’t scrimp on the installation. It is well worth the money to hire a reliable fence contractor.


The Appearance

The wood fence that you can build yourself will depend on what type of fence is desired. If it’s for a private backyard or a public space, you may opt for a fence that is less noticeable.

When it comes to choosing lumber for your deck, most people prefer cedar because of its attractive look. Because pressure-treated lumber is cheap, you’ll have to pay more for its excellent appearance.


Size of Fence

4×4 lumber with a minimum length of 8 feet is used for wooden posts (Keep in mind that portion of that length will be buried underground.). The panels are typically 1.25 inches thick by 6 inches broad, with a length that corresponds to the height of the wood fencing.

The dimensions of the rails in lumber vary depending on the type of wood fencing you pick. You may be able to implement the same lumber for the rails as you did for the panels in some circumstances.


Popular Types of Lumber In Everett

Pine and cedar are the most prevalent types of fencing wood, although cypress, redwood, and spruce are also viable choices, depending on your needs.


Pine Wood

For wooden fencing, pine is the most affordable alternative. To withstand deterioration and the elements when used for a fence, it must be pressure-treated. Although it resists shrinking, it is nevertheless susceptible to warping, cracking, and twisting.

It can survive a lifetime if properly treated, even if it comes into contact with wet soil. A pressure-treated pine fence is typically covered by a 10-year warranty, while some providers offer a lifetime warranty.


Cedar Wood

The cost of the cedar is significantly higher than that of pine. Natural oils in the wood act as insect and decay repellents. It smells great, has a warm yellowish color, and is attractive. It doesn’t take a lot of upkeep, although it’s preferable for a dry atmosphere.

Because it may degrade if it comes into direct touch with the ground, it will need to have its posts put in concrete. Depending on the quality and conditions, it can endure anywhere from 15 to 30 years.



In comparison to cedar, redwood is a more durable wood. It, like cedar, has tannins that are naturally insect-resistant and long-lasting (albeit slightly more than cedar). It costs a little more than cedar, but many people prefer its reddish-brownish natural appearance. A redwood fence can survive for 25 years or more with minimal care.

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Cypress Wood

Because it is similar in price to cedar and is rot-resistant, cypress is a preferred option. It’s an evergreen, fast-growing tree that’s tougher than cedar and most varieties of pine. It has a lovely scent and is not a particularly thorny tree.

It contains natural oils that repel insects, but these will wear down with time, and you may need to treat your cypress fence with an insecticide to keep insects at bay.


Spruce Wood

Prefabricated, stockade-style, or picket fences are frequently made of spruce. It’s usually the most cost-effective option. The wood is a light gray color that darkens with age. Spruce is a fantastic choice if you plan to paint your fence anyway. The lack of endurance in humid areas is one of its major disadvantages, and insects prefer spruce.


Specialized Lumber Products In Everett

Some specific lumber products are also implemented for specific types of wood fencing. Lattice is an example. Latticework is an open structure consisting of overlapping or layered strips of metal, wood, or similar material in a regular pattern.

For a crisscross design, the orientation might be diagonal, or it can be straight up and down and straight across for a checkerboard pattern. Porches, decks, gazebos, and privacy screens frequently use it as a feature. Trellises were generally fashioned up of latticework.

Individual strips of lumber used for lattice typically measure 0.25 inches by 1.5 inches, are available in a variety of lengths and are pressure-treated to ensure long-term durability.

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Avoiding Rot

Wood fencing, which is already exposed to the elements, must be composed of rot-resistant lumber with oils or resins that naturally preserve the wood, or it must be coated to make it rot-resistant.

Wood can be pressure-treated with chemical preservatives, or a preservative can be painted on to seal any wood. In Everett county, the most popular decay-resistant woods are cedar, redwood, and cypress.

If your wood fence becomes infested with insects, the fence’s integrity will be compromised, leading it to decay and fall apart. Termites, carpenter bees, and carpenter ants are harmful insects.

To avoid an infestation on wood fence, choose the wood that has a natural repellant, has been pressure-treated, or requires regular pesticide application. Cedar and redwood are the most naturally repellent woods.

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