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As a homeowner in Everett, WA, having a pool in your home could be an excellent luxurious addition. You can spend your free time performing workouts and increase your health. Your family and friends will always enjoy having it in your home.

But a pool can become a great source of concern if you have children and pets running around. With little or no swimming ability, toddlers and pets are at great risk of drowning if you don’t find a way to restrict them. Luckily, there’s always a solution to this; a pool fence.

There are several pool fence options in Everett, WA you can choose from to secure your pool and keep everyone safe around your home.
Since safety is the main reason for pool fence installation, you should prefer working with a professional pool fence installation and construction company. Custom Fence Install is one of the leading pool fence installation and construction contractors in Everett, WA.

By working with us, you are guaranteed quality services and a wide range of options to choose from for your pool fence solutions.

What pool fence options are available?

Different pool fence options serve different purposes depending on your needs. Whether you need a beautiful appearance or increase kids’ safety around your pool, Custom Fence Install is the go-to place in Everett, WA.

Aluminum Pool Fence
Most of our clients who go with these options say they want a more durable fence that does not rust. Aluminum pool fences offer exactly what they need. It can last for ages without rusting. In addition to this, they are cheap to install and have a very simple look around your pool.

Glass Pool Fence
If you are looking for a beautiful unobstructed view of your pool, we recommend that you choose the glass pool fence. However, unlike aluminum pool fences, you will have to trade its beauty for extra durability. But glass pool options are also durable as the glasses are made with thick glass material that’s rarely broken. The glass pool fence is also high enough to prevent kids and pets from climbing. Another advantage of installing this pool fence option around your pool is the little effort required to maintain it. Wiping it once in a while is all that is needed.

Mesh Pool Fences
Mesh pool fences are also strong and rust-free. Mesh pool fences also allow a clear view of your pool, just like the glass pool fence but do act as wind barriers. Mesh pool fences also offer protection from kids and pets since they can’t climb up the small chain links.

Wrought Iron Pool Fence
We also offer wrought iron pool fences that have been so popular in Everett, WA, for their unique designs that improve the aesthetics of your home. When you choose these options, you should ensure you choose a design that prevents children from climbing and jumping over into the pool. Although this option has been popular in many homes for their elegance and durability, they are slowly being replaced by glass pool fences and mesh pool fences.

Wood Pool Fences
Most homeowners who prefer privacy have been installing wood pool fences around their pool. In addition to privacy, you have different sizes, shapes, colors, and designs to choose from.
If maintained well, wood pool fences can last for years. However, you will have to regularly maintain it and have it painted at least once every year.

Other pool fence options include a vinyl pool fence with tonnes of colors you can choose from.

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Why Install A Pool Fence?

A properly maintained pool is not just the dream of every pool owner. Although pools are an excellent addition to your home, they are always risky and hazardous if not properly maintained and secured. This is why pool fence demand is on the rise today because of the several benefits they offer.

☑ Pool safety: This is the major reason for installing a pool fence around your pool. With children and pets around, having a pool fence can restrict these playful parts of the family from drowning. We understand that you don’t have all the time to supervise them. A little addition to your home is enough to save you all the supervision and focus on other important things.

☑ Reduces accidents: Even adults are not immune to accidents. You can trip and fall in your pool if it’s not fenced. Research indicates that using a pool fence to isolate your pool can help reduce drowning cases by 83%.

☑ Improves aesthetics: Pool fences can help you improve the appearance of your home. With different designs and colors available for you, you can customize them to fit your needs and the general theme around your home.

☑ Abide by the laws: As a homeowner in Everett, WA, some laws require you to have a pool fence installed around your home. This is why you need to have one installed by the best pool fence contractors.

Get your pool fence installed today.

Want a pool fence installed around your pool in Everett, WA? Custom Fence Install have a professional team to help you with that. We are the leading fence installation and fence builders in Everett. We have been providing our services for years now and have to build a great reputation with residents.

We value every project that we take as we understand how valuable your home is. Contact us today for free pool fence quotes in Everett, WA, and its neighboring cities.


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