How Much Does A Privacy Fence Cost
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Privacy Fence Cost In Everett

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A privacy fence can cost anywhere from $1,790 and $6,970, with a national average of $4,380.

The average cost of a privacy fence ranges from $1,790 to $6,970. The national average cost, including material and labor expenditures, is around $4,380.

Because most fence contractors bill by the linear foot, it’s beneficial to understand that the average cost per linear foot for various materials is around $26. Several factors can cause that rate to fall or rise, and you could wind up spending anywhere between $15 and $37 per linear foot.


How Much Does Privacy Fencing Cost In Everett?

Solid privacy fences can keep unwanted eyes and noise out of your property, and they don’t need to be luxurious. Here’s a breakdown of what your privacy fence project might cost:

  • National average cost: $4,380
  • Typical price range: $1,790 to $6,970
  • Extreme low end: $1,410
  • Extreme high end: $8,260


Most homeowners throughout the Nation should anticipate paying between $1,790 and $6,970 for the solid installation of a normal 6-foot privacy fence around a regular-sized residential garden. The cost of your project is determined by factors such as size, fencing material, and the structure of your land.

A large yard, high-end materials such as exotic woods or vinyl, or a difficult job might push the price up to $8,260.

Budget materials and a simple fence design, however, may cost as low as $1,410 for a homeowner who is trying to cut costs.

Cost Estimator by Size

The majority of professional fence builders will calculate the cost of your project depending on the number of linear feet of privacy fencing required in your yard. As a result, the size of your fence has the greatest impact on its cost.

Different materials, fence heights, and styles have different costs, but a privacy fence should cost around $25 per linear foot vs a picket fence, split-rail fence, or decorative fence that doesn’t offer as much privacy.

The most affordable privacy fences cost around $15 per linear foot, while the most expensive models cost around $36 per linear foot.

You can try figuring out a general estimate of how much a fence for your yard size would cost using the average cost of $26 per linear foot. A privacy fence for a small backyard of 500 square feet, for instance, would cost roughly $1,730 overall at this rate.

A 2,000-square-foot backyard would cost around $3,380 at the same rate.

Expect to spend roughly $4,510 for a privacy fence if you have a bigger backyard of around 3,510 square feet.

Note: It’s worth mentioning that privacy fences are most typically found in backyards. They aren’t prevalent in front yards since they block sights. Some authorities and homeowners communities may prohibit the installation of a privacy fence in the front yard.


Other Factors That Affect Cost 

Not all variables are as simple to calculate and measure as size. The material you select your privacy fence, the layout of your privacy fence in your yard, the area you live in, and other factors can all have a significant impact on the cost of your project.

Considering these criteria when determining how much budget you’d spend on your ideal privacy fence makes the process a little more challenging, but it also results in a far more accurate project estimate.


Fencing Material In Everett

Not just any fence will suffice if you’re looking for privacy. A chain-link fence, for instance, would expose your backyard to the public eye (unless you install additional privacy slats). Aluminum fencing, decorative wrought iron fencing, and classic picket fences are all examples of this.

You’ll need sturdy material for a proper privacy fence. Bamboo fencing, which is available in solid rolls or panels and costs between $13 and $24 per linear foot, is the most cost-effective choice.

Wooden privacy fences come in a variety of styles and prices, ranging from $13 to $31 per linear foot.

Vinyl is perhaps the ideal for the privacy of all the common fence materials because it comes in solid, sturdy panels with no gaps. Vinyl fencing, on the other hand, is more expensive, costing between $23 and $39 per linear foot.



 (includes material cost and professional labor cost)


$12 – $23/linear foot


$12 – $30/linear foot


$22 – $38/linear foot

* Indicates required field

Fence Height

The average height of a privacy fence is 6 feet. However, in some areas, an 8-foot privacy fence is also a possibility. Check your neighborhood’s construction standards and HOA regulations to see if an 8-foot fence is permitted.

If you choose the higher option, it will cost you more – estimate an extra 25% to 35% for the extra material.


Fence Gates

A fence isn’t complete without a gate in most circumstances. When estimating your budget, remember that gates are more expensive to install than standard fence panels. The additional cost is due to the additional hardware and labor required for installing a gate.

A privacy fence gate can add anywhere from $180 to $1,210 to your total cost, depending on its height and decorative features. That is the cost per gate for your privacy fence; if you require more than one gate, multiply the cost by two or three.


Slope of Land

Not just the fence itself, but also the levelness of the area around it might affect the price.

If you have an incline in your backyard, the builder may need to re-grade the ground before they can install anything. Land leveling costs vary depending on the terrain of your property, but you can expect it to add $110 to $3,410 to the cost of your fencing installation.


Permits For Fencing

It depends on the area if you need a permit to install a privacy fence on your land. If you hire a contractor, he or she will almost certainly handle all of the essential permits for you, leaving you with nothing to do but pay.

If you are not getting your privacy fence installed by a professional, check your local city or county construction standards to ensure you have all of the necessary permissions before you begin.

Permits can add anything from $21 to $410 to the entire cost of your project, so don’t be surprised if you have to pay a big permission price. Consult to see if you’ll need a permit and how much it’ll cost you early on in your privacy fence expenditures.

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Extra Services In Everett

Consider any additional services you may require in addition to your privacy fence installation while looking for a fence contractor.

Is there any landscaping that needs to be removed to create room for your fence?
If that’s the case, you’ll want to contact a specialist to take care of it so you don’t have to:

  1. Remove them on your own.
  2. Hire an entirely independent service.


Here are some extra services that frequently accompany the installation of a new fence:


Removing Trees, Bushes, And Stumps Cost In Everett

You might not have the skills to clear the obstructions in your yard if they are very huge or in a problematic area. Paying to remove trees, bushes, and stumps can be costly, and you don’t want those extra fees to catch you off guard.

Take notice of any landscape factors that will be in the way as you build your privacy fence. When getting a price from a fence company, inquire if they can remove the trees for you or if they can suggest a local tree service for the task. The cost of removing a tree, shrub, or stump is usually determined by the size and location of the tree, bush, or stump.

Added cost:

$180 to $520 per stump.

$80 to $130 per bush.

$390 to $1,080 per tree.


Fence Replacement Service In Everett

Perhaps you wish to replace an old, worn-out privacy fence with a new one. Most fence contractors offer to break down and transport away the previous fence, so your provider can assist you there as well.

Your contractors will charge for fence removal based on how many linear feet of fence they have to dig up, just as they do for fence installation.

The cost depends on the type of fence you need to remove, as some are harder to remove than others (Learn how much it costs to replace a wood fence).

Added cost: $4 to $6 per linear foot.


Painting Or Staining Service In Everett

You may have to paint or stain your privacy fence after it has been installed, depending on the material you select. Wooden fences, for instance, require a protective coating to prevent decay, warping, bugs, and other weather events.

You may wish to modify the color of your vinyl privacy fence to fit the style of your home or yard, even if it doesn’t require coating.

You have 2 alternatives for painting or staining your privacy fence. You may either hire a fence installer or purchase the paint, stain, brushes, and ladder and do it yourself. In either case, a larger fence or higher-quality paint or stain will cost more.

Added cost: $510 to $3,010 

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Cost of Installing A Privacy Fence DIY 

Some privacy fences are more straightforward to set up than others. Vinyl fence panels, for example, are very easy to install. Bamboo fencing panels or rolls can also be simple to install and are less expensive.

The most popular alternative is a wood privacy fence, but preparing and installing all of the individual sections will take a little more time.

You may anticipate spending at least a few days on the process if you want to save budget by installing your privacy fence yourself. You should consider requesting assistance because an extra set of hands can make the job go more smoothly and may even be required for some steps.


Equipment Needed 

Because the installation method varies by type of privacy fence, you may require somewhat specific tools for each.

These are the materials and types of equipment you’ll need to install a typical wood privacy fence. All of the tools required are rather basic, and you may already have most of them.

If you don’t, we’ve compiled average sale price information from Lowe’s, Home Depot, and Amazon to help you figure out how much you’d spend if you had to buy everything fresh.




Spray paint


Work gloves


Paint brush


Mason’s line


Hand saw


Protective safety glasses


Tape measure


Claw hammer




Post hole digger


Power drill




DIY Cost vs. Professional Installation Cost In Everett

To build your own wood privacy fence, you need budget around $3,570 in equipment and supplies, as well as a few days of your time.

You will most likely save money on materials if your privacy fence is built of bamboo. You will almost certainly pay more if your privacy fence is made of vinyl.

Installing a privacy fence should be straightforward for an experienced DIYer, but it does need some knowledge with tools and light construction, which not every homeowner possesses.

You can employ a professional fence installation in the Everett area if you don’t think you’re fit for the job. The comparable 150 linear foot wood privacy fence in the DIY scenario would cost around $4,910 to have professional installs and paints.

You could save roughly $1,510 by doing the job yourself, but it would take a lot more time and effort on your side. You must pick which option is the most beneficial to you.


Cost of Privacy Fencing by Location 

Vinyl and bamboo privacy fence materials don’t normally differ by area, but this isn’t the case with wood. Because various types of wood are more popular in certain locations than others, different types of lumber will have different prices depending on where you live.

The cost of expert labor will vary depending on the market in your town, regardless of whatever sort of privacy fence you choose.



Many areas in Everett have privacy fences, and one might transform your backyard into a peaceful, private sanctuary.

With a national average overall cost of roughly $4,380, plus pro installation, a privacy fence isn’t always the cheapest fence design, but it’s relatively affordable. That cost could range from $1,790 to $6,970 depending on whether you use budget-friendly or higher-end materials.

However, for about $3,570 in tools and supplies, you could roll up your sleeves and build your own wood privacy fence. Choosing materials or constructing a large or small fence can drastically affect the pricing for you.

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