How To Protect Wood Fence
From Termites?

Tips to Protect Your Wood Fence from Termites


Protect Wooden Fence From Termites In Everett


Wood fencing offers natural beauty, along with long-term durability. You’ll love the privacy and protection you get from the wood fencing, along with the great-looking property that you get from it.

However, termites can be a real headache. A wooden fence can be an attractive meal for a hungry pest, and for termites, wood.

Fortunately, you can take precautions to avoid a pest problem on your wood fencing. Here’s how to keep termites from destroying your wooden fence.

Treat The Fence

Regularly treating wood fencing is one of the most efficient ways to avoid termites from feasting on it. You can use pesticides or oil-based paint to do the job. Use an oil-based primer or termite-resistant paint if you want to paint your wooden fence.


Remove Nearby Wood

Do you have any decaying stumps near your wooden fence? Remove them, as well as any other wood materials in the area that may attract termites. Also, make sure your firewood stack is at least a few feet from the fence.


Transplant Heavy Shrubs

Big bushes and hefty shrubs can be attractive to termites, so planting any that are near to your wood fencing is a smart move, the same goes for flowers. However, frequent watering could make the perfect infested setting.


Clear Away The Mulch

Mulch is a delicious feed for termites. If any are near your wood fencing, the pests could quickly transition from eating on the mulch to feasting on your wood fence. On the other hand, if you don’t want them eating your wood fence, you could try landscaping rock instead.

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Eliminate Sources of Moisture

Damp areas and standing water can create an ideal environment for termites. These insects prefer moist environments, and will build extensive nests if conditions are favorable. Read more here about how to protect your wood fence from weather.


Regularly Check The Fence

Termites can cause significant damage to structures and wood and are a great concern for homeowners in Everett. Inspect your home regularly and use the tips outlined below to minimize the impact of termites. If you spot the problem early on, you can stop the pests before they get out of hand.

If you have a wood fence, and it’s falling apart, or if termites have made it their home, then you need to consider replacing it. At the same time, if you live in Everett city, turn to the professionals at Custom Fence Install.

In Everett, Custom Fence Install offers a wide range of fence installation options at affordable prices. You can trust our professional team to provide the best possible solutions to meet your individual needs.

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