How Much Does A Vinyl Fence Cost
In Everett?



Vinyl Fence Cost In Everett

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The average cost of a vinyl fence varies from $2,185 to $6,189, with a national rate of $4,145.

A vinyl fence can be practical, attractive, long-lasting, and simple to maintain, but it can also be costly. A professionally built vinyl fence costs most households between $2,185 and $6,189, with a national average of $4,145.

Analyze how many linear feet of fence you’ll need and multiply that amount by the national average rate of $27 per linear foot to get a more accurate estimate of how much your vinyl fencing project will cost.

You might pay anything from $16 to $39 per linear foot, depending on the type of fence you desire.


How Much Does Vinyl Fencing Cost In Everett?

  • National average cost: $4,145
  • Typical price range: $2,185 to $6,189
  • Extreme low end: $1,216
  • Extreme high end: $12,550


Installing a vinyl fence for a regular residential yard costs between $2,185 and $6,189 on average. Vinyl fences, on the other hand, come in a variety of types, each with its own price range, such as solid privacy, classic picket, and decorative designs.

You may pay anywhere between $1,216 and $12,550 for a vinyl fence, depending on the style you choose, the features of your land, and your installer’s costs.

Cost Estimator by Size

Because most firms charge by the linear foot for vinyl fence installation in Everett, the entire cost is determined by the size of your fence.

The cost of a vinyl fence varies from $16 to $39 per linear foot in different parts of the country. Multiply the number of linear feet of fence you require by the national average price of $27 per linear foot to get an estimate of the cost of your project.

Keep in mind that some vendors charge by the hour or the number of pre-built fence panels you require, rather than by the linear foot. Regardless of the metric, your contractor uses to charge, the final cost will most likely be similar.

A vinyl fence around a standard mid-sized backyard (approximately 2,000 square feet) would cost around $3,800 properly built at that average rate. This cost lowers to roughly $1,935 for a tiny backyard (about 500 square feet). A larger job (around 3,500 square feet) will typically cost around $5,045.


Other Factors That Affect Cost 

Do you want a tall privacy fence for your backyard or a charming decorative picket fence for your front yard? A vinyl fence can be used for either of these purposes or for something else entirely.

Your total expenses may be more or lower than the national averages depending on the motives you need a fence, the aesthetic you desire for your home, and the qualities of the area where you’re installing the fence.

Apart from size, the following factors may influence the cost of your vinyl fencing project in Everett:


Fence Design

Whatever you want your fence to look like, you should be able to find a long-lasting, low-maintenance vinyl choice. It’s an affordable, attractive style that works for both decoration and marking properties. Vinyl costs about $21 per foot, or less than half the cost of wood or metal.

Try a shadowbox type for $36 per linear foot or a fence with beautiful decorations for around $35 per linear foot if you want something with a more detailed and aesthetically pleasing aspect.

Split-rail fences are more expensive than vinyl picket fences, lattice-top fences, and regular privacy fences, but still less expensive than more high-end fences.


Fence Color 

Vinyl fencing is available in a variety of colors and does not necessarily require painting. Solid white, solid black, and wood-grain types that resemble natural wood are the most popular vinyl fencing colors. The cheapest vinyl fence is plain white, which costs around $26 per linear foot.

Wood-grain vinyl fence designs are in the centre of the price range, at around $40 per linear foot, while black vinyl fence designs are the most expensive, at around $60 per linear foot. All of the different designs of vinyl fences are usually available in a variety of colours and designs, allowing you to perform a lot of mixing and matching when deciding on the aesthetic you want for your fence.


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Fence Gates

You most likely have to spend additional fees if you add gates to your vinyl fence. Fence gates are more expensive than standard fence panels because they involve more hardware and manpower to install.

Since gates are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, estimating how much a gate will cost to the total budget of your project can be challenging.

Manual vs. automatic gates, single vs. double gates, and decorative designs are some of the variants. The national average cost of vinyl gates ranges from $320 to $1,175. At the low-end, there are manual single gates, and at the high-end, there are unique automated driveway gates.


Fence Height

A backyard fence will usually be 6 feet tall in most circumstances. Some vinyl fences are also available in 8-foot or 4-foot panels, allowing you to customize the height to suit your needs. Find out if your community has any fence height regulations by contacting your homeowners’ community or local authority.

You should anticipate your spending to rise by 25% to 35% if you want an 8-foot fence. Expect a 25%–35% reduction in the cost of a 4-foot fence. The price gap is due to the fact that larger vinyl panels are more expensive and smaller vinyl panels are less expensive.


The Slope of Land

Installing a vinyl fence on an incline requires more effort and, as a result, will cost more than installing one on flat ground. Your contractor may need to regrade the land to properly install your fence, depending on the slope of your property’s hill and the location of the fence.

The impact of slope on overall cost is determined on a case-by-case basis. Add $910 to $3,050 to your budget for land grading if you want your fence to be on a slope.


Fence Building Permits 

If you want to set up a fence around your yard, you may or may not need construction permit depending on where you live. If you want to hire professionals to install your fence, they will most likely be aware of any permits that are required in your area and will secure them on your behalf.

Alternatively, you’ll need to notify your city or county’s construction companies. Permits can add anywhere from $21 to $410 to the total cost of your project, depending on the type of permits you require and the size of your fence.


Extra Services In Everett

You may need to offer additional services while installing a fence, and pay for them.

Some of these services, for instance, may be booked at the same time as your fence installation and from the same contractor, while others may need to hire a different professional.

If you think you’ll need one of the additional services listed below, remember to budget for it.


Removal of Old Fence 

If your new vinyl fence is replacing an existing fence, your contractor will most likely be able to remove it for you.

For an additional price, most fence contractors will dig up the old fence and move the debris away. The cost of removing a fence is determined by the type of fence, the amount of fence to be removed, and whether or not the surrounding environment makes digging problematic.

While some companies charge a fixed amount for fence removal, most charge by the linear feet of fence to be removed. Learn more about how much it costs to remove a fence.

Added cost: The cost of removing a fence varies between $4 and $6 per linear foot.


Trees Removal, Stumps, or Bushes Services In Everett

Other existing features of your property, adding to the slope of your land, may create problems for your fencing project, raising the overall cost.

For instance, any trees, stumps, bushes, or other landscaping that is in the way of your fence must be removed.

You won’t suffer any further fees if you have the essential tools and know-how to remove tiny trees and bushes yourself. The cost of hiring a professional tree service is determined by the size and location of the plants that need to be removed.

 Added cost: 

  • About $380 to $1,080 per tree.
  • $180 to $520 per stump.
  • $76 to $126 per bush.
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Fence Painting 

Despite the fact that vinyl fences are available in a variety of colors, you may wish to further customize your fence by adding a color of your choice. You shouldn’t have to coat a vinyl fence like you would a wood fence for preservation, but the choice is still there.

Because you must use epoxy-based paint to adhere to the vinyl, painting a vinyl fence is more pricey than painting a wood fence, whether you do it yourself or pay service.

Added cost: Fencing costs approximately $6 per linear foot.


Pressure Washing

Vinyl fences require minimum care, which is one of its key advantages.

Protective sealants are required for wood and wrought-iron fences every few years to help them withstand the elements, but not for vinyl fences. Pests, corrosion, water damage, and other concerns that commonly harm fences aren’t a problem with vinyl.

All you have to do to keep a vinyl fence looking its best is pressure wash it once in a while. You can always hire a contractor to clean your fence for you if you don’t have a pressure washer or simply don’t like doing the job yourself.

Added cost: Pressure washing costs a national average of $215.


Cost of Installing A Vinyl Fence DIY In Everett

Vinyl fence is also one of the simplest types of fencing to install. The most difficult step is setting the vinyl fence posts in concrete; once you’ve done that, the rest is as simple as snapping the panels into place.

Even though a vinyl fence is easier to install than many other fences, it would still require a significant amount of time and money to do it yourself. You may decide that paying a contractor a little more is worthwhile.


Equipment Needed

To put a vinyl fence up, you’ll need a few basic types of equipment. Most of these tools are likely already in your tool shed if you’ve completed numerous home improvement tasks.

If not, we’ve looked into the cost of new tools and other equipment you’ll need to install your vinyl fence, based on Amazon, Lowe’s, and Home Depot prices:

       EQUIPMENT NEEDED       




Mason’s line


Ground stakes






Tape measure






Post hole digger






DIY vs. Professional Fence Installation Cost In Everett

If you had to purchase all new equipment and fencing supplies for this project, it would cost around $3,875 to install a vinyl fence yourself. Aside from the money, you should plan for two days to install your fence.

Based on national average costs, a professional fencing constructor would charge around $4,210 to install the same size fence (150 linear feet) in the same style. So, taking the DIY approach would only save you a few hundred dollars – and you’d be doing a lot more work for yourself. Read our article to learn more about the overall cost to fence a yard


Cost of Vinyl Fencing by Location

While national averages might help you estimate a budget for your vinyl fencing installation, there will always be local differences. A person living in a rural community, for example, will almost certainly spend less on professional labor costs than someone living in a city. Prices can also vary depending on where you live in the country.



Vinyl fence is more expensive, but it also provides more flexibility and longevity. Vinyl fences require minimum care, are simple and quick to install, and can last a decade.

According to national average costs, you’ll pay between $2,185 and $6,189 to have a vinyl fence professionally installed on your home. You’ll spend roughly $3,875 on supplies and equipment if you want to install a vinyl fence yourself.

Keep in mind that these values are just recommendations. The cost of vinyl fencing varies greatly from one project to another, depending on the color of the vinyl, how artistic the fence is, the size of the land, among other factors.

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