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What We Offer

Looking for a vinyl fence contractor in Everett, WA? Look no further. Custom Fence Install is the leading provider for premium quality and affordable vinyl fences that require little to no maintenance in Everett, VA. We use locally sourced materials for our vinyl fence and gates that also comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Whatever shape, design, texture, and color you are looking for, Custom Fence Install has got your back. Our Vinyl Fence options provide a more secure environment and enhance privacy around your home.

Vinyl Fence Installation For Privacy

If you are looking to add more privacy around your home, a vinyl fence will be a great addition. It offers total privacy to your front and backyard. Lattice options also give you a semi-privacy option that is becoming so common here in Everett, WA.

A vinyl fence does not just offer the privacy most homeowners desire. They also require less maintenance than not many other fencing options can provide. For instance, when you have a wood fence around your compound, you will have to stain and reapply after every two years if you want to maintain the aesthetics of your home.

Maintenance costs are always high and can cost thousands of dollars.
Vinyl fence removes all these additional costs as it retains its color, regardless of the weather conditions.

We also provide warranties for our vinyl fences, so you don’t have to worry about the damages, which are usually rare.

Vinyl Driveway Gates & Entry Gates
Vinyl is not just used in making fences but gates also. For your driveway and entry gates, Custom Fence Install will provide you with exactly what you need. Whether it’s a single swing or double swing driveway gate, we’ve got you. You can also go for the sliding gate option.

Vinyl Driveway Gates & Entry Gates
Vinyl is not just used in making fences but gates also. For your driveway and entry gates, Custom Fence Install will provide you with exactly what you need. Whether it’s a single swing or double swing driveway gate, we’ve got you. You can also go for the sliding gate option.

Vinyl Wall Toppers & Extension

Vinyl wall toppers or extensions are designed to last extreme weather conditions. They also withstand excessive heat without discoloring or fading.
We use top-quality materials that can withstand typical weather conditions.
Vinyl does not attract termites, and therefore you will not have to worry about the extra costs of purchasing pesticides.
The materials can also be washed easily without worrying about water damage. Compared to wooden fences, vinyl fences are stronger and more durable.

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Finding the right vinyl fence style in Everett, WA

When you need help to choose between different vinyl fence options, our installation and building experts at Custom Fence Install can help you pick the perfect option for your home.
Vinyl fences come in different textures, colors, designs, and shapes. Finding the right one for your needs requires you to consider some important aspects.

Select The Right Style
We provide several unique styles for your home, from the most common traditional antique designs to elegant modern designs. These styles also come in different colors, such as gray, white, and almond.
When choosing a vinyl fence for your home, it’s important to know a particular style that will best suit your home.
If you need some inspiration, you can take a drive in the Everett, WA neighborhoods. Vinyl Fence is common in this city, and you will always take some notes on what styles homeowners are installing.
If you also need help in choosing the style, our experts can help you do it. We have been installing vinyl fences in Everett, WA, for years now, and we know what best suits your home. Call us today for free advice and quotes.

Know The Purpose Of Installing The Fence
When you want to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of installing a vinyl fence, you first need to determine the purpose of installing it. Are you looking to enhance privacy? Or contain your kids and pets within the compound and away from the swimming pool? With different vinyl fence options available, you will have to choose one that best suits your needs. Sometimes, as a homeowner, what you may be seeking is the aesthetics a vinyl fence provides in your compound. Whatever purpose you have for installing a fence in your home, Custom Fence Install provides all of them.

Choose The Right Height.
Different locations in Everett, WA, have different regulations and restrictions regarding the standard heights and fence placement. You may need a permit to install a higher fence around your home.
If you are not sure of the rules and regulations in your local area, it’s best to work.

What are vinyl fence styles available to choose from?

These are the three most popular vinyl fence styles most homeowners have been installing in Everett, WA.

Traditional: The traditional fence provides a simple and elegant look for your home that matches any outdoor theme around your home. While it does not provide privacy from passers-by, it provides adequate security in your home.

Picket Style: The picket-style vinyl fence is designed for the 21st century. White color makes it sit perfectly in your compound, creating a nostalgic style. These vinyl fence styles look appealing in front of farmhouses and colonial-style neighborhoods.

Privacy Fence: Many vinyl privacy fence options can improve your privacy if this is the primary purpose you want to install a fence around your home. So you can enjoy a private time with your family. You can also install this option around your pool and increase your private recreational time.

Colors To Consider
At Custom Fence Install, we provide a variety of colors that you can choose from. Most homeowners in Everett, WA, go with these common colors:

  • White
  • Tan
  • Gray
  • Wooden Grain

Get Vinyl Fence installation for your home.

Want to have a vinyl fence installation around your home? Get our professional services in Everett, WA today and satisfy your purpose for installing a fence, whether you want to improve privacy or contain kids and pets away from swimming pools. Call us today for free quotes.


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