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We are your #1 wood fencing company in Everett, WA. If you value your privacy and security, there’s no better way to spruce up your property than installing a wood fence. Not only does a good wood fence keep prying eyes out, but it also adds a lovely aesthetic to any property. With a variety of wood fence options available to you, we can help you select the perfect style and size for your specific needs.

Why Choose Custom Wood Fencing?
Custom Fence Install is an experienced fence builder who will construct your new fence to the highest industry standards. Our team of builders is dedicated to making every fence perfect. We hold ourselves to a high standard and promise to provide you, the customer, with fair prices and a transparent and honest approach to doing business. No more shady contractors, vague promises, or sketchy materials: Custom Fence Install Everett will provide you with the highest level of professionalism.

What kind of wood fences can Custom Fence Install build?

Wood fencing comes in many different styles and sizes, designed to meet different needs. Custom Fence Install can build you:

Split-Rail Fences. Perfect for gardens, trails, paths, or aesthetic barriers, split-rail fencing has a rustic feel that will define a space without completely segregating it. This kind of fencing is perfect for a country look and feel.

Hi-5 Fences. Composed of wooden beams filled with a galvanized mesh panel, Hi-5 fencing is perfect for agricultural applications. Holding pens, corrals, vehicle yards, or even orchards and gardens can benefit from a Hi-5 style wood fence.

Estate Fences. Estate fences are traditional wood fences. With support posts anchored to the earth, every six to eight feet and a series of vertical wooden slats between them Estate fences are perfect for keeping your property secure. Whether you’re fencing in the back yard so your dog can run around, or you just want to keep nosy neighbors prying eyes away, Estate fences are an attractive way to keep your property private and secure.

Horizontal Fences. Some might feel that the traditional, Estate-style wood fence is too traditional or too severe for their needs. Horizontal fences offer an attractive, modern look without sacrificing the security and privacy of an Estate fence. This kind of fence is perfect for a modern, suburban home.

Modified Panel Fences. Maybe you like the look of an Estate or Horizontal fence, but you want the top of your fence to offer a certain stylistic flair.

Custom Fence Install can build you a custom fence with modified top panels to add style, let in more sunlight, or accommodate unique wooden gates.

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Why Build A Wood Fence?

Why should you build a wood fence? After all, there are a lot of other options out there, including vinyl fencing and chain-link fencing. What makes wood fences a good value for the money?

☑ Improves property value. Chain link or vinyl fences are certainly effective, but it would be hard to argue that they are better looking than wood fences. A wood fence made by Custom Fence Install is beautiful and attractive. With so many customization options, you can build the wood fence that’s perfect for your home – and enjoy a boost in your property value at the same time.

☑ Affordable. Wood is abundant and inexpensive, especially when compared to materials like metal. This makes the cost to build a wood fence lower than some competing materials. Furthermore, wood fences are easy to maintain and repair: in the event of a storm, accident, or other damage to your fence, it’s much less expensive to repair a wood fence than metal or vinyl one.

☑ Durable. Wood is a durable material. There is a reason that people have built homes, boats, and even airplanes out of wood, and that is because it is a durable and flexible material. Wood will hold up better against use than modern materials like vinyl: your kid might be able to kick a soccer ball through some cheap vinyl, but wood will be around for decades. Especially when that wood fence was built by the professional team at Custom Fence Install.

☑ Adaptable. Wood can be painted and stained to match your exact needs. Unlike vinyl, wood can be stripped and repainted if your aesthetic needs evolve over time. And with modified panel options, you can choose the look that’s right for you.

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There’s no shortage of reasons you might want to build an attractive new wood fence around your property. Whatever your needs are, let us help you meet them! Our fair prices, transparency and honesty, and high standards mean that you will be a happy customer when you look at the new wood fence we installed for you. Call Custom Fence Install today to begin the journey to your new wood fence.


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