How Much Does A Wrought Iron Fence Cost In Everett?

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The average cost of a properly built wrought iron fence ranges from $2,334 to $4,769, or $26-$34 per linear foot.

Wrought iron fencing is expensive, but it’s also not the most expensive. A professionally built wrought iron fence costs most households between $2,334 and $4,769, with a national average of $3,552.

You may expect to pay between $26 and $34 per linear foot for various styles of wrought iron fences. Your expense will be closer to the upper end of the scale the more complex your fence layout is. Homeowners spend roughly $30 per linear foot on supplies and professional labor on average across the country.


How Much Does Wrought Iron Fence Cost?

  • National average cost: $3,560
  • Typical price range: $2,335 – $4,770
  • Extreme low end: $345
  • Extreme high end: $8,850


While the average cost of a wrought iron fence for a typical-sized home is around $2,335 and $4,770, several factors might cause the total cost to be significantly higher or lower. 

A 6-foot-tall fence, a complicated decorative design, or a fence for a particularly large yard might cost up to $8,850. A smaller, more straightforward fence around a small space, such as a swimming pool or air conditioning unit, might cost as low as $345.


Cost Estimator by Size

When it comes to fencing, the size of your yard is one of the most important financial considerations, as it determines how much material you’ll need and how many hours your builder will be required to work on the project. 

The typical cost of a basic wrought iron fence is $31 per linear foot for most houses. A low-cost project would cost around $25 per linear foot, whereas a high-cost project would cost around $35.

Depending on the size of your yard, you may use these figures to estimate the total cost of a wrought iron fence. For instance, if you want a simple and easy fence, multiply the low-end cost of $25 by the length of your yard’s perimeter in linear feet. Use the $35 high-end cost alternatively if you prefer a better fence.

We estimated the overall price of a wrought iron fence for a small, medium, and large home based on an average rate of $31 per linear foot.


  • A smaller property with a 500-square-foot yard will require 69 linear feet of fence, which will run around $2,139.
  • A 2,000-square-foot yard would need 135 feet of fencing, costing $4,185.
  • A 3,500-square-foot yard would require 180 feet of fencing, and the project would cost approximately $5,580.


*materials and labor

Small yard (500 square feet)


Medium yard (2,000 square feet)


Large yard (3,500 square feet)


park wrought iron fence

Other Factors That Affect Cost

Since wrought iron fences are so flexible, many other factors besides yard size can significantly affect the price. If you want an accurate pricing estimate, you’ll need to consider things like fence height, designs, and the gauge (thickness) of the iron. To estimate the overall expense to fence a yard, read more here.


Price by Type of Wrought Iron

Despite the fact that many wrought iron fences appear to be the same, they can be built in a variety of styles and materials.

For example, did you know that wrought iron can come in all sorts of colors other than plain black? There are many great color options when it comes to building fences, but you’ll need to budget extra for them.

Wrought iron fence also comes in a wide range of patterns. Curved bars, unique post caps, and artistic shapes in the iron are all possibilities. Professional installation of a particularly attractive wrought iron fence will cost between $28 and $35 per linear foot.

A conventional black wrought iron fence with little ornamentation should cost around $25 to $31 per linear foot, as a guide. A more expensive galvanized fence costs roughly $29 to $33 per linear foot and is less prone to rusting.


*materials and labor

Plain black wrought iron

$25 – $31

Galvanized wrought iron

$29 – $33

Ornamental wrought iron

$28 – $35

Cast Iron vs. Wrought Iron

Cast iron resembles wrought iron in appearance but is less expensive. This is due to the fact that cast iron fencing is significantly easier to mass-produce. Cast iron is made from a mold, unlike wrought iron, which is shaped by hand with tools.

Cast-iron is less customizable and durable due to the lower cost. A cast-iron fence costs between $1,900 to $3,550 on average in the United States.


Price by Height

A 4-foot wrought iron fence is prevalent in front yards and around swimming pools. This size is sufficient to designate your space and keep little children and animals out (or in) of your yard without obstructing views. A 4-foot wrought iron fence costs between $24 and $27 per linear foot.

A smaller 3-foot fence can be a viable choice for you if you’re more interested in the ornamental features of wrought iron fence. A shorter fence will normally be less expensive ($23 to $27 per linear foot) while still marking your property line and not making your yard feel closed-in or uninviting.

Remember that a 3-foot fence is unlikely to be enough for a swimming pool fencing.

Instead, a taller fence can add security to your front or backyard. Tall fences in the front yard, on the other hand, can obstruct landscaping views and decrease aesthetic appeal. A 5-foot wrought iron fence will cost between $27 and $31 per linear foot, while a 6-foot wrought iron fence will cost between $34 and $37 per linear foot.


*materials and labor

3 feet

$23 – $27

4 feet

$24 – $27

5 feet

$27 – $31

6 feet

$34 – $37

black wrought iron fence

Wrought Iron Gate Cost

A gate is an essential feature of your fence because it is the section that allows you to access your property. Different types of gates may be required depending on the area of your wrought iron fence.

A tiny, single manual gate, for example, would be ideal for a fence surrounding a backyard or swimming pool. If your front yard is surrounded by a fence, you may require a huge automatic driveway gate instead. The cost of a gate is determined by its size, style, and complexity.

In general, a wrought iron gate can cost anything from $315 to $8,255. The expense of hiring an electrician in addition to your fence contractor, which may be required for an automatic gate, is included in that extreme high end.


Fence Thickness

A fence made of thicker wrought iron will last longer and cost more than one made of thinner wrought iron. Take into account that, contrary to popular belief, thicker iron has a lower gauge and thinner iron has a greater gauge when purchasing materials.

Because the thickness of wrought iron fences varies, consult your contractor or material supplier to determine which gauge of metal will work best and budget. Using a heavier gauge of wrought iron for your fence project could help you save money.


Adding Brick Columns

Many homeowners choose brick columns for their wrought iron fence instead of ordinary fence posts. The traditional, beautiful combination of brick and wrought iron may boost the appeal of your landscape.

A task like this can grow fairly pricey depending on the sort of brick you buy, whether you choose hollow or solid columns, and how many columns you want. You should budget between $435 to $1,260 for each column.

Some individuals use normal wrought iron posts around the yard with brick columns outlining the gate to preserve the aesthetic without costing a lot of money.



Check out if your city, or your local community requires a building permit for fencing before you start installing your wrought iron fence.

Whether you hire a contractor or DIY, you’ll have to pay for the appropriate permits, which can cost anywhere from $21 and $410 depending on the project’s details and local restrictions.

Extra Services

If you’ve already appointed a constructor to install your wrought iron fence, you might as well add a few extra services. These services might or might not be applicable to your home.

Check with a contractor before hiring them to see whether they can deliver any additional services you think you’ll require.


Rust Protection or Painting Service In Everett

Even while wrought iron fences are generally sturdy, they can rust if not properly prepared and maintained. Because galvanized wrought iron has a protective zinc coating, it does not require additional rust resistance.

Besides applying protective coatings, you might choose to paint your wrought iron fence to make it match your home’s color scheme. Take note that some coatings can render metals more susceptible to oxidation and rusting.

You’ll have to spend for the material as well as labor if you want a professional to apply protective coatings or paint for you.

Added cost: $7 to $11 per linear foot.


Fence Removal Service In Everett

If your new wrought iron fence is going to replace an existing fence, you’ll need to remove the old one first. Because fence posts are normally fixed in concrete, removing a fence can be difficult and time-consuming. Rather than digging up and transporting away the old fence yourself, you can hire the fence builder for an extra fee to remove and send it away for you.

Added cost: The cost of removing a fence varies between $4 and $6 per linear foot.


Land Grading In Everett

Is there a steep incline in your yard? This could make installing your new fence a little more complex and, as a result, more pricey. After installing the fence, your fence contractor may need to excavate and regrade any uneven soil.

Added cost: Depending on the quantity of work that needs to be done, prices range from $950 to $3,050.


Tree or Bush Removal Services In Everett

Trees or bushes in the area could also obstruct your fencing installation. If the plant is small enough, you may remove these features on your own, but a larger plant may need the services of a professional. This procedure may require you to employ a different tree care provider in addition to your fence installer.

The cost of tree or bush removal is usually determined by the height of the plant, the complexity of the root system, and the accessibility of the location.

Added cost: $390 to $1,080 per plant or $11 to $15 per foot


Cost of Installing A Wrought Iron Fence DIY

You’ll have no choice but to employ an expert to design a finely wrought iron fence with unique aspects and frills. However, you can buy prefabricated wrought iron panels and posts and assemble them yourself from a fencing company.

Installing a wrought iron fence should be simple using pre-made panels. This project would take approximately a few days, and it would be faster to do with two sets of hands, as is the case with most types of fences.

stone wrought iron fence

Equipment Needed

You’ll need less technical equipment than you think to install a wrought iron fence yourself. You won’t have to do any difficult work because you’ll be putting together pieces that someone else has produced.

In fact, most or all of the necessary equipment is likely to be found in your garage or tool shed. Even if you have to purchase everything from scratch, you won’t overpay on equipment.

With average pricing information obtained from Lowe’s, Home Depot, and Amazon, here’s what you’ll need for your wrought iron fence project:



Spray paint


Work gloves




Mason’s line


Ground stakes

$16 for 4

Protective safety glasses 


Tape measure




Post hole digger




DIY Cost vs. Professional Installation Cost

Because wrought iron fence materials can be hard to come by, even DIY wrought iron fence installation can be costly.

The entire cost of the necessary tools and materials for the 150-foot fence in this example would be around $3,340. You will devote a few days of your time to this project besides the money.

A professional installation of a matching fence would run around $4,550 for materials and labor, based on the national average price per linear foot. You’d save over $1,100 on a job like this one if you built your own fence.

For a larger fence that takes longer to install, the savings could be considerably higher.


Cost of Wrought Iron Fence by Location

The cost of supplies for a wrought iron fence does not vary significantly depending on where you live, with exception of wood fences. That isn’t to claim that the national price is the same. The labor expenses are not consistent, even if the material costs are.

Fence installers in small towns are likely to charge a cheaper per hour than those in larger cities. Smaller businesses with fewer clients, on the other hand, may charge more than huge organizations with many revenue sources.

Keep in mind that the location of your home and the contractor you choose play a big role in the cost of a wrought iron fence. If your local costs deviate from the national averages provided here, don’t be shocked.



You should expect to spend several thousand dollars on a wrought iron fence, whether you install it yourself or employ a professional contractor to do it for you. In comparison to, say, a wood fence, you get a sturdy fence that will last the test of time while requiring less upkeep.

A professionally installed wrought iron fence costs around $3,560 on average, with prices ranging from $2,335 to $4,770. The final budget for your project will be determined by the size of your yard, the style of wrought iron you choose, as well as certain features of your home.

For 150 linear feet of fencing, the materials and tools needed to build your own wrought iron fence would cost around $3,340. Steel or aluminum, or other metal fence types will practically always be cheaper expensive, but they will not last as long.

Interested in building a fence gate? Read more here to learn how much it costs to install a fence gate in Everett.

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